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Hello everyone. Hope you guys are doing ok. Heres' what's new with me: new icon batch yay! I wanted to post it this weekend but I went out of the city to visit the grandparents and well, didn't find the time when I was back. For SV I made a few of Checkmate, I don't know, I just LOVED that scene (very Matrix-ish, but still I like it) and some more of other episodes. And yep, more Glee. None from Power of Madonna but well, I'm sure I'll be making more later!

[14] Glee. Episodes season 1 and cast, 2 animated.
[9] Smallville. Episodes season 9


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Hello everyone, sorry I didn't update that much but work have been crazy, like CRAZY. With capitals. But somehow I managed to make some stuff. I was thinking...mmmm maybe I should make small posts regularly rather than bigger-ish ones every two months or so lol
Also like a side note, can I say how disappointing the Paley panel was? spoiler for everyone but Quinn and no Lea. I mean, I like Puck but really...I don't care about his hairstyle thankyouverymuch.

19 Glee icons (cast and episodes)


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It's not that I don't have any free time or anything but my schedule changed dramatically and I'm still getting used to it. The job got me really tired at the end of the day though. But well I finally (finally!) made some Glee. Again, not enough but still. Also, I'm loving how Tom is looking this season so there's a few Clark icons here too. And Alex *sigh* with those eyes I don't need to explain why I had to use that pic for an icon. So enjoy the update!

[11] Glee
[04] Smallville: Clark Kent
[03] Alexander Skarsgård


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