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Uhm, yeah. I'm so biased *head desk*.Also, hi guys! :)

[15] Glee 2 x 01: Audition (6 animated)


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We're caught up in the crossfire of heaven and hell. And we're searchin' for shelter )

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Here are some animated stuff because I don't want to became rusty on those :P I'm planning on making the whole episode but I'm not promising. Glee it's starting in less than a month (YAY!) and I'm pretty sure I'll be making more of the premiere instead. In the meantime, here. Hope you like it :)

[7] Animated icons Glee episode S1: Journey
[8] Glee cast (Dianna and Lea)
[3] Ryan Reynolds.

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Hello everyone. Hope you guys are doing ok. Heres' what's new with me: new icon batch yay! I wanted to post it this weekend but I went out of the city to visit the grandparents and well, didn't find the time when I was back. For SV I made a few of Checkmate, I don't know, I just LOVED that scene (very Matrix-ish, but still I like it) and some more of other episodes. And yep, more Glee. None from Power of Madonna but well, I'm sure I'll be making more later!

[14] Glee. Episodes season 1 and cast, 2 animated.
[9] Smallville. Episodes season 9


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First at all, thanks to all of you that have bear with me and my lack of updates. It's really appreciated that you still like my graphics enough to keep me on your list. Everything Glee on this one though, well a few Anna Torv only. But don't worry, I'm currently working in a SV and Heroes batch.

[17] Glee (cast, Lea & Dianna, Finn, Quinn, Brittanny & Santana, Rachel)
One header/manip feat. Lea & Dianna.
[3] Anna Torv


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And if you said this life ain’t good enough, I would give my world to lift you up,I could change my life to better suit your mood )

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