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Birthdate:Jun 10
"It is clear that I must find my other half, but is it a he or a she?
What does this person look like? Identical to me? Or somehow complimentary?
Does my other half have what I don't? Did he get the looks, the love, the luck?
Were we really separated forcibly or did he just run off with the good stuff? Or did I?
What about sex? Is that how we get ourselves back together again?
Can two people actually become one again?"

I'm a tv shows-graphics maker addicted girl. I don't mind the credit but just remember that hotlinking isn't cool and comments are always appreciated!
.about me.
Smallville.Glee.Gossip Girl.Heroes.Fringe.Dexter.Friends.The Big Bang Theory.Grey's Anatomy.Supernatural.Popular.Xena.True Blood.Vampires Diaries.New Girl.The Walking fandoms.
Clark & Lois.Blair & Chuck.Blair & Dan.Blair & Serena.Peter & Nikki.Peyton & Brooke.Rachel & Quinn.Lea & Dianna..ships.
Clark & Chloe.Blair & Serena.Sam & Dean.Olivia & Peter.Chandler & Joey.Sheldon & Penny.Brooke & Peyton..friendships.
Anna Torv.Zachary Quinto.Michael C. Hall.Leighton Meester.James McAvoy.Ewan McGregor.Emily Blunt.Jim Parsons.Dianna Agron.Lea Michele..people.
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